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TIFF 2022 was WEIRD!

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

This year at TIFF, I had the opportunity to choreograph and organize a Flashmob like no other and let's just say it got a little weird!

Do you remember Weird Al Yonkovic? Well, for the young ones he was an extremely popular artist who would spoof all the latest and greatest music videos as songs. Some notable ones included "Amish Paradise", "Eat it" and "Fat".

So, on opening night of TIFF, 26 dancers and 1 accordion player dressed up as Weird Al and stormed the red carpet for an unforgettable Flashmob to celebrate the premiere of WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story!

Huge thanks goes out to Jorie Brown of Cotton Candy for bringing me in to help create this wild and crazy project. Thanks to ALL the dancers for your energy and weirdness! 🤪



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