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Allow me to Re-introduce Myself…

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Not sure if I’ve ever really introduced myself formally on here, so I thought the start of a new year and new month would be a great time to do so! So, here we go…

10 Facts about me you may or may not have known:

My name is La Toya and I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister, loyal friend and your biggest cheerleader and motivator!

I’ve been dancing for over 35 years 🤫. I’ve performed on stage in over 20 countries with some amazing artists and have visited of 30! Can’t wait until the 🌎 opens up again and I can resume my travels!

I have 15 tattoos and counting…😍

My husband and I, became a homeowner and moved in to our home during the middle of the pandemic. We have been non stop, updating and making our place a home. I’ll to a few posts on the before and after! 😉

I’m slightly obsessed with my house plants and they all have names. My collection started during the pandemic and now I’m at 50+ plants. I just love taking care of my plant babies and watching them grow. You can follow me on my instagram plant account @muvva_n8cha 😍🪴🌿

My best friends from grade 4/5 are still my best friends today. Shout out PLP!

I’m the Co-Director/Owner of my own business with my husband called In Tha Groove Productions — Providing our clients with top quality in entertainment! @inthagroove_

I’m the Head Coach and Choreographer for the Toronto Argos Dance Team, danced for the Toronto Raptors for 3 seasons, the Toronto Blue Jays for 1 season and choreographed for the Toronto Rock dance team.

I had the amazing opportunity to tap dance with the legendary Gregory Hines in the movie “Bojangles” when I was 16 and learned from the great Henry LeTang.

In 2015, I was contacted by “Say Yes To The Dress” about appearing on their show to find my dress because they saw my Mid Court Proposal at the Toronto Raptors 20th Anniversary game which also happen to be Kobe Bryant’s last game in Toronto. You can check out the proposal here —->

Now that you know a bit more about me, leave a message in the comments and let me know something about you! 🤗

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