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Blown Away!!!

Donations top $1,800

To say that the Black Lives Matter Yoga Flow Class was a success would be a gross understatement. It was INCREDIBLE! Not only did Maddie lead us all in a beautiful flow but we were able to raise $1,800 thanks to everyone who donated. It’s taken me a day to fully process my thoughts and feelings. I’m overwhelmed with joy and my heart is bursting from the amount of support we have received. It was an unbelievable testament to what we can accomplish when we work together for the greater good of the world!

When Maddie approached me with the idea to collaborate on this event to bring awareness to the racism that still plagues the world today, I immediately said yes! The time is now to make a real difference in this world. POC have been complicit and docile for far too long. The system that we have been living in has hindered us severely and until everyone recognizes this uncomfortable fact nothing will change. We wanted to help out in anyway possible and this was a perfect to blend what we love with a cause we believe in.

100% of all donations will be going to two causes. $900 will go to Black Lives Matter Toronto and $900 will go to The Village Scholarship Fund.

On behalf of us both, we would like to thank everyone who shared our posts, donated, joined the Live class and showed their love and support. We felt every bit of it and are so grateful to you all! This is definitely something we would like to do again so please follow us both on Instagram @madizen_yoga and @mstoyabedeau to stay up to date.

Racism and racial inequality are not issues that will go away over night. It is going to be a constant battle and quite uncomfortable for those who have simply ignored it or thought that because they weren’t racist themselves, it didn’t exist. We need allies in this battle to stand alongside us people of colour to dismantle the systems and beliefs that have been in place for far too long. I’m in this for the long haul and hope that you all will join me. Let’s end this now!


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