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Breakfast Television: Movin’ in the Morning

Hey loves!

Last week Tuesday October 12th, I got to share my love of dance and healing on the Movin’ in the Morning segment on Breakfast Television alongside Simone Walsh, Founder of Essence of Mind. Together, we discussed the benefits of dance and mental health and talked about the Healing Rhythms Dance Program that I have been the instructor for. This segment came at the perfect time as Mental Illness Awareness week had just wrapped up.

It was lovely to see both hosts (Melanie Ng and Sid Seixeiro) join me in our positive affirmation and then a short routine to get the body moving! Big shout out to all the viewers who participated from the comforts of their own home and to my family and friends for all the love! Ways dance can help improve your mental health can range from:

- Lifting your mood

- Easing anxiety and depression

- Improves your self-esteem

- A sense of community and meeting new people

Not to mention, dance can also improve your heart health, overall muscle strength, balance and coordination!

So let’s get dancing. Check out the full segment here and let me know if your mood changed after joining along… 🤗

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