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Talking Entrepreneurship with JFKSWorld!

I'm very proud to say that I have some really talented friends and I've been able to collaborate with them along my entrepreneurship journey! So, when my friend James hit me up during the pandemic about being on an episode of his new podcast, it was a no brainer for me.

James and I go waaaaay back! We met in grade 5 at Pierre Laporte, we also went to high school together at Loyola and played multiple sports throughout our school years. We kept in touch, still talk about basketball and I even went to his wedding! Due to the pandemic we haven't seen each other in quite sometime, but thanks to the power of social media we've still been able to stay connected.

It was through the pandemic, James decided to start up a podcast focusing on helping to share stories of entrepreneurship starting with some people he knows personally. His goal with his podcast is to ultimately "connect people and spread positivity" and you know I'm all about that.

In this 9th episode, we discuss dance, how InTha Groove came to be, advice for other entrepreneurs and my new plant obsession. You can watch the full interview below, or listen to the podcast on JFKs World!

Hope you enjoy this episode as much as we had fun making it!


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