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Enough is ENOUGH!!!

When will the world wake up...

It’s exhausting and unbearable to see, think and constantly talk about what people refuse to believe is happening to our black brothers and sisters! If these recent events make you uncomfortable to see or speak about, please know you are part of the problem. These issues and blatant disregard for black lives should have everyone in an uproar right now! I’m drained...emotionally drained hearing and seeing these stories day after day!

The time to act is NOW and it starts with non people of colour being our allies and speaking up on these issues!"

Being anti-racist isn’t enough. We need to do better as a human race! Saying you don’t see colour isn’t enough. I want you to see my colour, know and acknowledge these kind of experiences happen to me as well. It’s an everyday fight we’ve learned to live through and accept...UNTIL NOW!! We can no longer sit idly by and let racism continue to be commonplace! Let your voices be heard and be a real ally and advocate for equality and ending the injustices experienced throughout the world by POC! ✊🏾

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