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* be YOU *

I started off my morning as I usually do, with an early 5 km walk/run. This is my ME time and I can't tell you how much it has impacted my overall well-being and day moving forward. I'll get into my morning routine in another post but today I want to talk about YOU!

While I'm out walking or running I use this time to reflect, meditate, and set intentions for the day and today I decided to listen to Marie Forleo's latest podcast with Mally Roncal. WOW! It was such an inspiration and the take away gems from the episode sparked todays blog post.

The overall message that hit me throughout the episode was to be you..."Be you and you'll win everytime". - Mally Roncal. Say that again and really let that sink in. You offer something unique and valuable so listen to your whisper and trust what your gut knows to be true. YOU ROCK!

Here are some points to remember as you move through your Thursday:

* Trust your instincts

* Invest in yourself

* Do the things that bring you joy

* Stay positive

* Love and be of service to yourself

If you are looking for some weekly inspo, check out as she talks various topics with amazing guests every Tuesday on her podcast.

Happy Thursday loves!

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